Throughout the legislative session, Chalkbeat is asking members of the House and Senate education committees to share a little bit about themselves by answering a few fun questions. Education policy is too serious not to have a little fun! In this installment, meet Rep. Barbara McLachlan, a Durango Democrat.

What is your favorite memory from school?

Reading “Singing Wheels” in the fourth grade. It was about the pioneers and their lifestyle. My teacher, Mrs. Cerovski, is still my friend.

Were you the teacher’s pet or class clown?

I leaned toward the clown side of things.

What was your favorite subject and why?

High school English. I was in our school’s first honors class and discovered I loved the challenge of critical thinking.

If you could give yourself one high school superlative it would be:

Most likely to tell too many puns.

What clubs or sports did you participate in during high school?

We had no girls’ sports. Sadly. I joined the ski club and Great Books (club).

What would your perfect school look like?

Tables instead of desks, movement, active learning, laughter. The teacher is not lecturing, but encouraging learning. He or she is paid well, of course, and did not have to buy any classroom materials.

PHOTO: Courtesy Barbara McLachlan
Rep. Barbara McLachlan in elementary school.

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