Rise & Shine: One diverse school district disagrees with pledges to protect students

TESTING READERS Lawmakers gave unanimous support on Friday to a bill that would reverse last year’s rule from the State Board of Education requiring students are tested in English even if they are still learning the language. Chalkbeat Colorado,

COLLEGE A new report from the state out on Friday shows another increase in the number of students enrolling in college. Chalkbeat Colorado, Denver Post

IMMIGRATION Colorado Colleges are concerned about the effect of the travel ban on their enrollment of international students. Denver Post

STAYING SILENT Some parents, and at least one diverse Colorado Springs district, disagree with schools pledging to protect students who aren’t in the country with legal status, saying they have to remain politically unbiased and can’t block law enforcement. Gazette

MARIJUANA FUNDS The Moffat County School District applied for a state grant that uses marijuana tax money to help pay for building renovations. Craig Daily Press

STATE POLICY Colorado Rep. Millie Hamner, spoke at a town hall this weekend about Betsy DeVos, potential impacts from federal policies and on school finance issues. Aspen Times