Rise & Shine: Tony Bennett made a very brief return to politics

BENNETT WAS NEARLY BACK: Tony Bennett, Indiana’s state superintendent from 2008-2012, made a (very) brief return to politics this week. Bennett was appointed to the Clark County Council in southern Indiana, but a day later he says he will not serve because he has not lived in the county long enough to be eligible. Find more from the Indy Star.

COMPETING PRE-K PLANS: Two plans for how to move the state’s preschool program forward are on the table, and it’s now up to lawmakers to decide which – if any — will win out. The tension here is that the House bill doesn’t just deal with preschool. The bill also includes changes to Indiana’s voucher program, which isn’t sitting well with some legislators and advocates. Read more from Chalkbeat here, the Journal Gazette, WFYI and the Indy Star.

INDIANA VOUCHERS CONDEMNED: The Hoosier state made national news this week during Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearing before the Senate Education Committee when Sen. Al Franken decried how the vouchers are increasingly going to students who have never attended public school and those who come from middle-class — rather than low-income — families. See his full comments at Chalkbeat.

A NEW FACE: Dorene Rodriguez Hoops was forced by circumstance to become an amateur expert at navigating the school system as she helped her son with special needs get the resources he needed to succeed. Now, Hoops will bring her experience and expertise to the whole district as a member of the Indianapolis Public Schools board.

MCCORMICK MAKES BUDGET ASK: State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick speedily outlined her budget proposal for the House Ways and Means Committee Thursday morning. So far, no big surprises. Chalkbeat and WFYI have the details.

TROUBLE FOR DEVOS?: Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of education, is coming up against some opposition in the Senate. Does that mean her nomination is ultimately in jeopardy? The Senate vote has now been pushed to next week. Read about it at Chalkbeat, the Indy Star and the Associated Press.