Despite a reputation for relentless pursuit of public relations, Teach For America’s (TFA) website recently listed TeachFor.Us, an unmoderated collection of blogs by current and former TFA corps members, as a resource for applicants to learn more about “The Corps Experience.”

While both organizations take pains to point out that they are not formally affiliated, TeachFor.Us thanks its bloggers, saying, “The powers that be at TFA like that you’re, well, open and honest.”

Update: Adam Geller, a TFA alum and founder of TeachFor.Us, told me he created the site to give corps members a place to freely express themselves. “After we had a significant amount of bloggers, starting last fall, Teach For America contacted me to let me know that they were interested in possibly linking to the site,” he said. “They’re very careful, so they actually went out and looked at how people are viewing the site, and they found that… it does not give them a negative idea about TFA or the corps experience.”

He added that since the link was put up, TeachFor.Us has had a large volume of new visitors who seem to be spending enough time on the site to really dig in to the bloggers’ experiences.