GREAT DIVIDE  High schools — which are open to students from every corner of the city — have maintained a system of privilege by using academic “screens” instead of geography. Over half of incoming ninth-graders who took and passed the state math and English exams in 2015 were concentrated at less than 8 percent of city schools, leaving many schools with few, if any, students performing on grade level, according to a new Chalkbeat analysis. Chalkbeat

LACK OF ACCESS Students with disabilities have limited high school options. Only 56 of the city’s high schools are considered “fully accessible.” DNAinfo

SCHOOL CLOSURE The only school threatened with takeover so far under the state’s receivership law will be closed and a new school will open in its place. Chalkbeat, New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, NY1

PROTESTS CONTINUE Parents are joining the chorus of protests at Townsend Harris High School over Rosemarie Jahoda, the interim acting principal. New York Times

LISTEN UP Low enrollment and zoning changes at some Harlem schools will be discussed at meetings starting this January. DNAinfo

ECONOMIC NEED The pro-charter group Families for Excellent Schools claims that charter schools serve more economically disadvantaged students on average than traditional public schools. New York Daily News

GETTING TO COLLEGE A program in New York City schools is trying to help students with autism enroll in college. NPR

BULLYING ON THE BUS Opinion: Bus drivers have limited authority to curb bullying. New York Times

OFF TO THE RACES American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten will hold a fundraiser for Mayor Bill de Blasio as he seeks re-election. Politico New York

Josh Thompson, a Democrat who supports charter schools and providing private school vouchers, is challenging Mayor Bill de Blasio’s re-election bid. New York Post

LANGUAGE CLASSES The principal of P.S. 191 is exploring the possibility of teaching Mandarin to prekindergarten and kindergarten students next year. DNAinfo

NEW APPROACH Harvest Collegiate High School boasts a high graduation rate and an unconventional approach to schooling. Metro

TEACHER’S PET Students in seven schools will get to play with dogs as part of a program meant to help calm students who are stressed at school or home. New York Daily News

BIG DELAY A Harlem school that received $325,000 to create a garden still hasn’t done so after three years. DNAinfo 

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Students at Urban Assembly Unison School pledge to spread love after the election. DNAinfo

PLAYING GAMES A principal took faculty to a Yankees game even though the tickets were meant for students. New York Post

MOVE ALONG A Bronx teacher who allegedly made a series of inappropriate comments to female students agreed to retire. New York Post