Rise & Shine: Joe Biden unveils his education platform in bid for White House

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Alex has a story about recent criticism — and a demonstration of support — of the education department's implicit bias training and is calling on readers who have participated in the training to help us understand it by sharing their experiences directly. What do you think of the training? Has it helped you or could it be improved? You can share your thoughts through a survey found here or by writing us as [email protected] We hope to hear from you!

Matt, on the national desk, takes a look at research suggesting that school segregation is influencing whether students are being identified as needing special education classes and whether or not they are actually receiving those services.

Joe Biden has unveiled his education plan, which includes calls for greater investments for low-income schools, universal pre-K, and higher teacher pay, and opposition to for-profit charter schools.

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— Sara Mosle, New York bureau chief


SHOUT OUT In the wake of stories criticizing the education department’s implicit bias training, Chalkbeat is asking readers to help them understand the training. Chalkbeat

ALL IN THE DIVIDE Whether a black student receives needed special education classes or is being identified unnecessarily for such services may depend on whether a child attends a segregated school, new research suggests. Chalkbeat

SURGING Complaints filed by parents of special education students against the city’s education department have soared since 2014 , leaving many kids without essential services for months, a state-commissioned report found. THE CITY

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has unveiled an education plan that opposes for-profit charter schools and supports more investment in low-income schools, universal pre-K, and higher teacher pay among other initiatives. The New York Times  

A NATION’S SORROW The stabbing of 17 schoolchildren in Japan has left the nation reeling. The New York Daily News, The New York Times

MAKING A CASE A new lawsuit alleges that three education department officials were victims of discrimination, wrongly demoted owing solely to their race and gender. The New York Post

COMPLEX PICTURE Housing is only one of several factors contributing to segregation in the city’s schools, according to a new report. City Limits

TRAGEDY IN THE MAKING A Bronx high schooler was driven to jump to her death after being bullied and sexually assaulted at school, where adults turned a blind eye, a new lawsuit alleges. The New York Daily News, The New York Post

OPINION A city teacher explains how Chancellor Carranza’s implicit bias training helped her become a better teacher. The New York Daily News

OPINION A news analysis argues that recent stories criticizing the city’s implicit bias training is an effort to discredit a schools chancellor who has not backed down from racial controversies. The Root

OPINION Twenty-five years after a seminal report describing a crisis in American childcare, that crisis continues with serious implications for education as affordable childcare still remains out of reach for most American families. The New York Times

OPINION A newspaper editorial argues that the city’s school chancellor is using anti-bias training and other initiatives to discriminate against white and Asian students and adults in the system. The New York Post