Rise & Shine: Nearly 60 percent of Renewal school principals have quit or been replaced

REVOLVING DOOR Almost 60 percent of schools in the city’s Renewal turnaround program have a different principal than when the program started three years ago — significantly higher than the citywide turnover rate. Chalkbeat

DIPLOMA DILEMMA New York’s graduation numbers could fall because of a new federal law that only allows “standard” diplomas to count toward its graduation rate. Chalkbeat

SCHOOL SAFETY In the wake of a school stabbing in the Bronx, Mayor Bill de Blasio said decisions about which schools have metal detectors should be left to the police department. CBS New York

TRANSFER TIME About 20 families have formally requested transfer from the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation, the site of last week’s fatal school stabbing. New York Post

FOILED The city’s education department did not answer 526 public records requests over three years — including some routine queries from reporters. The 74

TUITION BREAK Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the state’s public colleges to give students displaced by hurricanes Maria and Irma in-state tuition. New York Daily News

HOMETOWN HEROES A group of 10 educators will be honored as “Hometown Heroes” by the Daily News today, an honor sparked by reader nominations and whittled from over 200 contenders. New York Daily News

Meet the educators selected for this year’s awards, including one parent coordinator who was hit with four bullets while walking families from her school building in 2014. New York Daily News

Previous teachers who won the honor include one educator who delayed a life-saving lung transplant to help prepare her students for state tests. New York Daily News

3-K FOR ALL This year, the city is beginning to iffer free preschool to students as young as three in two high-need districts. WNYC

CHARTER STUDY Students tend to show greater growth in reading and math in charter schools compared with traditional district schools, according to a new study. New York 1

Editorial: The study is another piece of evidence that Mayor de Blasio should be more friendly toward the charter sector. New York Post, New York Daily News

BLAST FROM THE PAST These 50 photos show what life was like in Staten Island schools during the 1990s. Staten Island Advance

TECH TIME Opinion: Schools should be doing more to give students access to computer science and other forms of technical education, according to Ivanka Trump. New York Post

BAD BEHAVIOR A teaching assistant was arrested for taking cellphone pictures up a teenager’s skirt on the subway. New York Post, New York Daily News

CIVICS LESSON An organization called Generation Citizen is hoping to get students more engaged through a different approach to civics education. Gotham Gazette