Rise & Shine: New York City formally adopts Carranza’s agenda for culturally responsive-sustaining education

More than 900 elementary school classrooms have tested positive for lead, according to new data released Wednesday night by the city’s education department. The troubling findings, revealed as Bill de Blasio was on stage fielding questions about lead in a Democratic presidential debate, were discovered during inspections of 5,408 classrooms after a WNYC investigation found evidence of dangerous lead levels in four city schools. 

Exposure to lead can have devastating consequences for children, although the education department said all classrooms would be safe by the beginning of the school year. Officials also promised other changes to improve testing for lead.

Elsewhere in New York: the city formally adopted Chancellor Carranza’s “culturally responsive-sustaining education,” an approach to instruction that has attracted strong support from many families and also some detractors. And a former student drove 1,000 miles to attend the retirement party of a longtime New York City teacher. 

— Zipporah Osei, reporter

LEAD PAINT More than 900 city elementary school classrooms have tested positive for lead due to peeling, chipped, or otherwise deteriorating lead paint, according to new data from the education department. Chalkbeat

RETIREMENT When a longtime teacher and coach at the United Federation of Teachers’ Teacher Center retired, one of her former students drove 1,000 miles to attend her retirement party. Chalkbeat

CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE The city’s Panel for Educational Policy voted on whether or not to formally adopt Chancellor Richard Carranza’s policy of “culturally responsive-sustaining education,” but some advocates and parents still have reservations about the plan. Wall Street Journal

ELECTION 2020 Bill de Blasio’s public education plan, which includes universal pre-K and mandating quality education through a constitutional amendment, may be his strongest argument in his otherwise longshot bid for the presidency. Politico

GUN CONTROL Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a new measure banning teachers and principals from carrying guns on school grounds statewide. Democrat and Chronicle, New York Times

SELECTIVE SCHOOLS A look at selective high school admission policies in eight cities, including New York, found a stark difference in the racial and economic demographics of the schools and the districts they serve. Brookings 

ANTI-BULLYING New York state human rights laws were expanded to protect public school students from bullying, discrimination, and harassment. Gay City News 

CALL TO RESIGN Eighteen current and former high school students called on the parent president of District 2’s Community Education Council to resign after she criticized proposed education department guidelines meant to address implicit bias. New York Daily News